Our Story

We started off by building an organic community on instagram, where we reached out to new talent, gave them the opportunity to showcase their work through us. That's when we understood real problems in the industry.
We believe that top tier talents need suitable mentors, correct job opportunities and most importantly they need to connect with like minded people.
So we are here to provide them with a platform to fulfill all their needs, and keep their creative freedom intact. This will empower them and will help them in taking a step closer to their successful creative journey.
Creative professionals are the future. We can use technology creatively to solve world problems.


Things we believe in
Creatives are changing the world The power of imagination can overcome biggest challenges in the world
Collaboration leads to growth Cross industry collaborations is an important friend in our professional life
Together we thrive Freelance journey can be lonely, but it doesn't need to be. Networking is something we thrive on
Creative entrepreneurs are the best minds out there We want to create a group where like minded individuals come together to share their creative ideas and help each other
We are the future Creativity and imagination cannot be automated and will be the no.1 skill in the future.

Meet the team

small but mighty...


Co founder & CEO


Co founder & Design Lead


Technical Lead


Devops & Cloud Lead


Creative Coordinator


Creative Coordinator