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Are you a brand looking for some creative talent? Then you’re at the right place.
We believe that real talent should never go unnoticed
and therefore we are here to bridge the gap between you and top-tier
professionals in the creative industry

Need help in finding creative

talent for your business?

Recruitment should be like a partnership, therefore Team Cultor identifies
candidates by their individual talents to fit your requirements
as we know that every business has its own unique culture.

Niche Market

We are a set of Consultants with creative expertise, industry knowledge, and recruitment skills along with a deep-rooted community of creative minds. Our niche community is a perfect mix of fresh upcoming talents and industry professionals from across the creative industries.

Making it easy for you to find the appropriate match as per your roles and requirements of your company

Background check

We thoroughly go through every single profile and identify the potential candidates by following a proper process of screening and video interviews, making it simple for you by cutting down the clutter.

Large creative community

We have a huge community of over 11k creative professionals. We have established a network using our social media and Cultor Club, where we can reach out to variety of creative talent in a very short span of time.


Digital Design

Graphic Designer

Motion Designer

UI/UX Designer

Digital Illustrator

& many more

Art Direction



Video Editor

Art Editor

& many more


Creative Strategist


Account Strategist

Social Media Manager

& many more


Fashion Designer

Print Designer

Visual Merchandiser

Fasion Stylist

& many more

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